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Дело Ив Роше: начало юридических действий

Ну что, перешли к конкретике.
Наши французские юристы написали на имя Бриса Роше, наследника и президента косметической корпорации.

YR 01.10.2014YR 01.10.2014p2

В письме подробно изложены и юридически подкреплены требования нашей петиции "Один вопрос к Ив Роше", а также описаны перспективы судебного преследования корпорации в связи с заведомо ложными обвинениями, которые корпорация выдвинула в отношении братьев Навальных. Наконец, подсказан и выход: публично покаяться и признать очевидное - рассказать о том, что появление первого заявления было связано с административным давлением со стороны российских "правоохранительных" органов, признать политический аспект возникновения дела.

Тот же текст по-английски под катом:

Dear Sir,

We are writing on behalf of Mr. Alexei NAVALNY, currently under house arrest, who exposed us the following facts:

On 11 February 2013, the Russian newspaper Novaïa Gazeta published an article about the complaint lodged by Mr. Bruno LEPROUX, Director of « OOO YVES ROCHER VOSTOK », before the Russian Central Committee of investigations.

Following the inquiry launched after this complaint, the City Court of Moscow ordered the seizure of property of our client and his brother, Mr. Oleg NAVALNY, on 12 November 2013.

Both have been indicted for fraud of approximately Euros 600.000 to the detriment of the Russian subsidiary of the French Group YVES ROCHER.

Since the complaint filed, our client keeps denouncing a manipulation to impede his activities and commitment on the Russian political scene. Many activists of the Russian civil society and political opponents denounce pressure of the Russian political power on your company’s subsidiary before its complaint.

Furthermore, we note that the Director of Yves ROCHER VOSTOK officially resigned for personal reasons.

No-one disagrees today that the Russian judicial authority, among its instruments, the Russian Central Committee of investigations, is widely under the supervision of the political power.

We also observe, to our knowledge, you didn’t answer to a previous letter sent, in February 2013, by Mr. Alexis PROKOVIEV, President of the human rights NGO “RUSSIE LIBERTES”, located in France.

This silence of YVES ROCHER Group, regarding these legitimate concerns, echoes, in an intolerable manner, Mr. Alexeï NAVALNY’s criticisms, but as well those of the Russian and International civil society, against Vladimir PUTIN’s policy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alexeï NAVALNY’s freedom of movement and freedom of speech have been strictly restrained in relation to the complaint filed against him by YVES ROCHER Group’s Russian subsidiary, with him being under strict home arrest and forbidden to use internet or to make phone calls.

Different proceedings activated by the Russian judicial authority, on political grounds, against Mr. Alexeï NAVALNY implies such a French company to act transparently by providing clarifications in this case.

Thank you for sharing with us, through your Council or not, all useful clarifications on the complaint, if it covers expressly Mr. Alexeï NAVALNY and if it has been filed with the agreement of the Direction of your Group.

Many press releases have voiced concerns about this complaint which would have been lodged at the request of the Russian Central Committee of investigations, directly placed under the authority of Vladimir POUTINE.

We thank you for confirming or reversing this information.

More generally, it would appear very legitimate that your Group could precise if this complaint lodged by one of its subsidiary would have been – with or without its consent– instrumentalized by the political power in Russia to be detrimental to our client.

Anyway, consider information we are currently gathering and given your answer, we inform you that we have received strong instructions from our client to apply before the competent courts in order to draw all the necessary legal consequences regarding the proceeding launched against him by the Russian Public Prosecutor.

Thank you, as appropriate and in accordance with our deontological rules, before undertaking any action, for giving us the name of your Council.

Please accept, Dear Sir, the assurance of our highest consideration.

В понедельник, 6 октября, в офисе наших парижских адвокатов (156, rue de Rivoli), ориентировочно в 14.30 (время может еще уточниться) в 11.00 (время окончательное) состоится пресс-конференция, на которой мы с ними расскажем все подробности о развитии дела, и ответим на любые связанные с ним вопросы. 
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